Experiential & Promotional

Experiential vehicles featuring the Wahlburgers TV show.

Experiential marketing and promotional events are some of the hottest trends in the advertising industry right now. They are the perfect mix of guerrilla marketing and planned advertising strategy that brings the brand directly to the consumer where traditional advertising mediums typically do not reach because they lack physical presence. These campaigns bring products and services directly to the consumer and invite them to interact and get to know the company and what they have to offer. There are budgets and solutions that fit every demographic looking to being a campaign. Traditional advertising methods did not typically allow the small start-up company with little operating capital to purchase TV spots, radio airtime, or billboards in high traffic areas while experiential marketing campaigns have helped hundreds of small business start-ups flourish and gain traction with their consumers to become larger companies. Printed Pixel is extremely well knowledgeable in this type of advertising and we have hundreds of options that we could provide you with. Everything from branded water bottles to digital LED displays that allow you to change your message depending on the venue you are visiting. Give us a call today and see how we can take your campaign to the next level.