Mama Fuscos, Artisanal Chocolate Milk wrap

Mama Fuscos launched their brand new Artisanal Low Fat Chocolate Milk. They enlisted the help of Printed Pixel’s vehicle wrap service. We wrapped their brand new 2014 Chevy Express with 3M 1080-G120 Gloss White Aluminum for a true silver base color. We then applied numerous overlays for the graphic elements of the vehicle wrap design. This allowed us to keep their brand identity similar to their packaging.

Mama Fuscos product launch

Sal and Joe Fusco said that their fondest memories, were from coming home from school as their mother was stirring rich melted chocolate into ice cold dairy milk. Milk that was delivered fresh in glass bottles to their door every day. They set out to create a product that was exactly the way they remembered; rich, creamy and never watered down.

Check out Mama Fusco’s Facebook page and visit their store locator to see where you could purchase Mama Fuscos delicious new chocolate drink.

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